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  • Turtle and Zebra have many complementary characteristics of the spirit that I wish to see in this place. The interiority, the wisdom, the peace, the serenity, the patience of the turtle. AND the enthusiasm, joy, vitality, freedom and solidarity of the zebra. So that these different parts in ourselves can find their place and support each other.

  • In general, for all visitors: a place to rest, calm down, be quiet AND a place to discover, explore, share, laugh and have fun.

  • And for workshops and retreats: Discovering and exploring ourselves. In our silence and immemorial times like the turtle ... AND with the courage, expansion and freedom of the zebra ... Like the Yin and the Yang ...

  • And because ... "Whoever is happy will have my building": the inscription on the front door pediment sounds like a motto for the house. In the term "contant" of old French ("happy"), I feel both the peaceful satisfaction of the turtle and the sparkling joy of the zebra !

  • By clicking on the images below, the curious will learn a little bit more about the zebra and the turtle and what called me in this choice ...



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